Dr. Chen’s February 2021 Update for the Community

12 February 2021
Dear CCA parents and guardians,
Warm greetings to you in this cold season! We continue to praise God for the privilege of having onsite classes for 90 out of 101 school days thus far! It has been a joyful experience greeting parents and
students during arrival and dismissal times at CCA. Thank you for taking the time to read the following midyear items that complement what you read in the WAAG (Week At A Glance CCA School Newsletter).
     Academics: Second Quarter Report Cards for Grades 6-12 are now available online for your
child(ren)’s academic performance for the first two marking periods, including midterm exam grades where applicable. K-5 Report Cards have been sent home with your student(s).
As Mrs. Wrigglesworth and I reviewed all the report cards we were encouraged by the good
academic progress and teacher comments such as good work, cooperative and attentive, kind, helpful,
perseveres, conscientious, etc. We continue to nurture and encourage those struggling academically to help rectify incomplete work, missing work, needing to improve work habits, being easily distracted, needing to work to the next level, etc. CCA teachers continue to pour themselves into teaching your students in this very demanding (onsite, remote, hybrid/hyflex) pandemic season. As we continue to partner together in the Christian education of your child(ren), please continue to encourage them to take advantage of the various opportunities and resources that CCA provides to help them achieve their God-given potential.
Public Health Policy: CCA’s mask policy continues to be as follows:
So long as students remain safe and socially distanced, the teacher may allow mask removal. This
policy remains unchanged. What has changed is that any such mask removal must be for less than 10
consecutive minutes in a period. This additional restriction stems from the objective of keeping school open on-site, as stipulated by the Department of Health. In-classroom policies and guidelines may be
reevaluated as our local cases decline. By carefully following these additional restrictions, the CCA 4th
grade was able to stay open onsite even after a positive case (other than isolating that student, of course). Thank you for your ongoing vigilance in doing what is within your power to keep our community safe. We yearn for post-pandemic loosening of restrictions.
Travel Reminders:
If you plan to travel within NY state and are concerned about differences between published
guidelines between Erie County another county or vs NY state, please see
If you plan to travel out of state, please refer to NY state protocols:
If you are going to another country or a state other than these non-bordering states
(NJ,CT,PA,MA,VT) for more than 24 hrs., you must test and quarantine. In order to “test out” of the 10-day mandatory quarantine requirement upon return home, all family members must:
1) have COVID tests before leaving the place they were, and
2) quarantine in their own homes for three days upon return, and
3) on the fourth day obtain a COVID test for everyone in the family.
Please submit the test results for each CCA student in the family to healthoffice@christianca.com.
Upon return from out of state, NY state requires you to fill out the official NY state traveler form,
which can be found online at https://forms.ny.gov/s3/Welcome-to-New-York-State-Traveler-Health-Form
CCA’s Latest Open House:
As you spread the word about CCA, please feel free to connect your friends with school-age
children to the recording of this week’s Virtual Open House at https://youtu.be/n3etLlHSnzY . The next
Open House, hopefully with more of it onsite, will tentatively be scheduled for a date in April to be announced soon.
Continuous Enrollment (a.k.a. Re-Enrollment) Reminder:
As described in the tuition contract that you signed for this school year, CCA switched over to
continuous enrollment. What this means is as follows:
1. You have agreed to partner with CCA for your child’s education from kindergarten (or point of entry)
through grade 12.
2. Your registration automatically renews each January and there is no $200.00 re-registration fee. Please
notify us of any changes (address, phone number, etc).
3. You agree to send written notification to CCA by February 28 if your family will not attend in September.
There will be a $250.00 withdrawal fee if notice is given after February 28. Transcripts will be sent upon
receipt at the Business Office of the withdrawal fee.
4. Regarding Financial Aid,
a. The financial aid portal through FACTS is available. Please apply if applicable.
b. Bison Fund – the Bison Scholarship site is open for new applications. Please check it out
(bisonfund.com) to see if your family qualifies. If so, the deadline for applications is also February
5. Issuing of tuition contracts for 2021-2022 will start the last week of February.
College Planning Hub:
School Counselor and College Advisor Mrs. Tammy Baldwin has prepared a superb collection of
resources for CCA students (and parents thereof!) in grades 7 – 12, regarding transition to High School and preparation for college or university, year by year. This site can be found online at
Please be on the lookout for:
 A volunteer survey to define where you and your students would be available to help. Some upcoming events that will need volunteers include, e.g.,
o March 19 – Krolick’s Fish Fry (drive-thru pick-up at CCA)
o April Gift Certificate Calendar (see the WAAG for more information). Contact: Shelia Swart at
o April 23 – Chicken Barbeque (drive-thru at CCA)
o May 7 – Benefit Concert (to serve on the planning committee contact: Donna Visone at
Dvisone@christianca.com )
 Community communication/opinion survey., we are at the 3½ year midpoint of our current 7 year
accreditation cycle and continue the continuous improvement processes that are built-in to that
As we head into the Lenten season (which starts next week), may we embrace anew how great is
the salvation that is to be found in our Lord Jesus.
With you on the journey,
Stuart S. Chen, Ph.D., P.E.
CCA School President