The STEM/STREAMM Lab at CCA provides integrative and hands-on exposure to the following fields:

  • Science: the basic knowledge of how things work
  • Technology: both concepts and tools
  • Resourcing: the research component of the problem-solving process
  • Engineering: the practical application of Science and Math (etc) to solve problems
  • Art: the creative aspects of conceiving solutions to problems
  • Math: one of the languages for structuring, modeling, posing and solving problems
  • Medical: the applications of the above to human health and well-being
  • It is anticipated that over 3/4ths of all new job creation in our world will be in fields involving the aspects reflected in this acronym. CCA’s STEM/STREAMM initiatives prepare our students for these opportunities.


  • FIRST LEGO League Junior Robotics (Grades K-4)
  • FIRST LEGO League Robotics (Grades 5-8)
  • FIRST Technical Challenge (Grades 7-12)
  • Girls Who Code
  • Future City
  • Rube Goldberg Challenge (ECC Tech Wars)
  • Balsawood Bridge Competition
  • Wood Shop/Fabrication