CCA students come from many different school districts located throughout Western New York.

  • New York state law provides that if a student lives within fifteen (15) miles of the private school at which the parents wish to enroll their child, their public district has the responsibility to provide transportation. However, it is up to the parents to contact their district’s transportation office to request it.
    • Exception: If the municipality in which one resides describes itself as a “city,” then they have the option whether or not to provide that service.
    • Note: The City of Buffalo only provides transportation to CCA students in grades 9-12 (via a free Metro bus pass).
  • Many of our families also choose to carpool.

  • Most districts require the parent submit the request by April 1 before the school year for which transportation is desired.
    • Exception: CCA contacts the following district transportation offices for all CCA-registered students in these districts:
      • Williamsville
      • City of Buffalo

Special note for families new to CCA or new to their public school district:
If a family is new to CCA or has moved into a new school district, most district offices require the new family to appear at the district office and present two forms of proof of residency to be regarded officially as a resident of that district and eligible for various services at CCA like bus transportation, textbook funding, and other support services. It’s wise to consult the district’s website or contact them for further details of specific requirements.