CCA views technology as a tool instrumental in the learning process and fully supports the appropriate technology for educational purposes. Integrating technology into the classroom is an effective way to connect with all our students of all types of learning styles.

Each classroom at CCA has a large screen TV with internet access which allows the teacher to share their laptop screen with the class. Most teachers also have a document camera that enables the teacher to share written work or a hard copy with the rest of the class via the TV screen, making it possible for the entire class to view an individual piece of work. We recently expanded our classroom technology to the use of iPads for grades K-2 and Chromebooks for grades 3-12, thus increasing the ability for interaction between the teacher and students for a more hands-on learning experience.

In addition, there are two computer labs located in our main building and a bank of computers located in both libraries. Our main computer lab is used for classroom teaching for grades K-12, but is also open for students to use the PC’s during a study hall for school work. The smaller lab is primarily used by teachers to take their classes to work on class projects or research. Printers are located in each of these labs and libraries for student printing.

Our K-8 Library also has an expanded STEM/STREAMM area with laptops, iPads, and a MakeyMakey space.

Technology clubs have become very popular at CCA. Included in our clubs are Robotics, Girls Who Code, Future Cities, and Balsa Bridge building. For a more expanded list, please refer to our Clubs & Activities page.

Home Technology Tips

Check out this creative and helpful way to establish technology guidelines with your kids: Smart Talk.

This website gives parents tips and advice about technology use and what age to introduce certain devices. It also gives you and your child an opportunity to write a household contract about responsible technology use.

Also, consider California’s recent regulations on smartphones in classrooms here.