Christian Central Academy is governed by a Board of Directors who serve without compensation. The Directors are elected for terms of three years and until their successors are elected and qualified. The terms of the incumbent Directors expire on a staggered basis over the next three years. No Director is permitted to serve more than six consecutive years, unless such Director has filled a vacated seat, in which case he or she may serve for up to seven consecutive years. Each Director must agree to the philosophy and concept of Christian education established by CCA and he or she must manifest characteristics of Christ and be of good reputation in the community.

The current members of the Board of Directors of CCA are as follows:

  • Karen Jones - President

    Joined the CCA Board in 2020

    Occupation: Wife and Stay at Home Mom
    Leadership Experience: Women's Ministry Director and Praise Team Coordinator at our local church, Director of Side by Side WNY, taught at the university level before moving to Buffalo in 2006. Married and has three children at CCA.

  • Gregg Ruhl - Vice President

    Joined the CCA Board in 2017

    Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, Algoma Central Corporation, St. Catherines, Ontario.
    Leadership Experience: PBS Board of Directors, Duluth, MN, 2009-2012. Norwin Alliance Church Board, Irwin, PA, 1995-98. Married and has four children, two who are CCA alum, and a grandson.

  • Jesse Jerge - Treasurer

    Joined the CCA Board in 2022

    Occupation: Chief Financial Officer, MissionGO.
    Leadership Experience: 15 years in Community Banking, 10 years as Operations Manager, Married and has three children.

  • Matt Carson - Secretary

    Joined the CCA Board in 2023

    Occupation: Vice President of Application Development at Life Storage.
    Leadership Experience: Trustee at the The Well Church. Previously co-founder and Treasurer at Church on Tap. Also has been a Trustee for the Village of Williamsville and served on the Village Planning Board. Married to a CCA Alumna and has three children at CCA.

  • Christopher Gasz - Member

    Joined the CCA Board in 2020

    Leadership Experience: Married and has three children, two at CCA.

  • Jay Sackett - Member

    Joined the CCA Board in 2022

    Occupation: First Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor, Portfolio Manager for Merrill Lynch.
    Leadership Experience: Cru Development Council, Kingdom Advisors Champion, Merrill Lynch Christian Focus Group leadership team, member of local church. Married and has two children, the oldest at CCA.

  • Matt Stewart - Member

    Joined the CCA Board in 2023

    Occupation: Sales Manager - Northeast, VEGA Americas
    Leadership Experience: Married to a CCA alumna, is himself a CCA alumnus and has three children at CCA.