Volunteer and serve with us!

Meetings are generally once a month from September-January. February and March are very busy times as we lead up to the Gala on Saturday, March 21, 2020. After the Gala is over, we meet once more before the school year ends. There is training and support for each position as we work as a team and efficiently maximize our resources!

Operations Committee:

  • Leads planning and execution of the event.
  • Works to design the event, program, decorations, etc.
  • Works with vendors and school personnel.

Gift Development Committee:

  • Leverages CCA community ties and relationships to obtain unique and desirable gifts.
  • Procures gifts of service for the event itself: band, photographer, entertainment, etc.
  • Look at past yields, our probable guests, and comes up with a goal list of gifts.
  • Goal: 50 Silent Auction items, 10 Live items, variety of prizes for auction games.
  • Coordinates Gift Gathering Parties
  • Coordinates Class Gifts

Guest Development Committee:

  • Leverages CCA community ties to reach new guests.
  • Works with Gala Coordinator to come up with a goal list of invitees and attendees.
  • Helps coordinate communication with guests.
  • Manages reservations and registrations.

If you are passionate about building community at CCA, know or want to know many families at school… think about Gift Gathering Parties or Guest Development.

If you have a wide circle of acquaintances or connections in the WNY Community… think about Guest Development or Gift Development.

If you are creative or love to DIY… think about Class Gifts or Operations.​

If you don’t mind making phone calls, or are one of those people that can just talk to anyone, we need you!