His Kingdom Funding ChristianCA.HisKingdomFunding.com

CCA has partnered with His Kingdom Funding for anyone who wants to donate in a small way to make a BIG difference. HKF is a secure platform to set up a personal round up account with use of the debit, credit card or bank account of your choice.

Round up to a $1 or more each time you spend and together and we could do BIG things for CCA.   You choose which of your checking and/or credit card accounts to give from, and how much you want to round up every time you spend.

Will you enroll today and start making a difference every time you spend? Will you join our campaign to engage every single one of our organizational friends?

See the His Kingdom Funding website for even more information:


Follow these quick and easy steps to sign up:

First, go to ChristianCA.HisKingdomFunding.com

Click one of the “Sign Up Now” buttons either at the top of the page or near the bottom.   Begin signing up by creating a User ID and password (the password must contain between nine and fifteen characters, with at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, one number and one symbol.)  Complete the remaining boxes and click “Continue.”

Now you are now ready to follow the three easy steps on your welcome screen to set up your Round Up Account!

  1. Set Daily Limit – The daily limit can be set anywhere from $1 per day to unlimited. You decide!
  2. Set Payment Method – If using a credit/debit card for roundups, you will need to enter card information here.
  3. Add Accounts – To create a roundup account, you will need to have an online user ID and password for the bank account you want to use for your roundups. Have these ready to go before signing in to your bank’s secure online portal.  (Please note: Because you are signing in through your bank’s own login portal, your bank account information is being processed through your bank institution. It is NOT collected or stored on the His Kingdom Funding server or Christian Central Academy’s server.)

Our HKF RoundUp Giving system is not meant to replace the critical funds you already give.  By stewarding “loose change,” you participate with other roundup givers to significantly impact our mission and work.

Contact CCA Development Office for more information