The Middle School Science Fair is an annual spring event in which all Middle School students are required to participate. Students choose a topic of their choice to conduct an experiment utilizing the Scientific Method. (Students are taught the Scientific Method at the beginning of the year and are supplemented on how to conduct an experiment properly.) While the majority of the project is completed at home, students have plenty of support in the classroom and in review classes.

Students are graded and judged according to their science experiment, scientific journal, written report, display board, and oral presentation. Judges have included CCA’s own staff, as well as professionals from other organizations. Trophies and ribbons are awarded in various categories and all students are able compete in the Western New York Science Fair.

This Science Fair is a highlight of the Middle School Science Curriculum. All parents and the school community are invited to the event. This is a great event as it helps students to persevere and overcome problems, record and calculate data, present their findings professionally both in a written paper and orally, and much more.