Training a Child is about Relationships

What is your favorite memory with your father, mother, or parental influence? Mine is my dad holding me in the pool when I was learning to swim. The strong secure arms around my waist allowed me to move around freely without sinking. Sort of like the training wheels on my bike, they were my security. When I was ready to swim, my dad talked with me and warned me he was going to let go. I remember feeling terrified that he would let go and I would sink, but instead he held me securely and coached me to kick and move my arms so I could swim.

During January, CCA hosted a Father-Daughter Dance, with a Kindergarten – Sixth grade Mother Son Game Night coming up later this year. These events encourage parents to build relationships with their children in fun active ways. There is no better feeling a child can have then to feel totally special and loved by their parent. Children need personal undivided attention from each of their parents. But in our busy schedules, we rarely take the time to do this.

In Proverbs 22:6, the Bible says to “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Training is not just teaching the child to do something one time. Training consists of daily routine and commitment. Parents and Educators need to join together to be Christ like examples while consistently building the relationship. This is why Christian education is so important! The school can join with the family and train the next generation.

Part of the training for the Senior Class is an international mission trip. In order to go on the trip, students will work closely with the Senior Class Advisers to raise needed funds. These fundraisers serve the Christian Central Academy community and bring parents and children together while helping to raise money. To find future fundraisers and upcoming events, go to

by Deborah R Wade (High School Division Head)