Common Core Success at Christian Central Academy

When isn’t a standard a good thing? Standards are definitely appreciated when it comes to the engineering and design of complex systems. Where would roadways, buildings, and homes be without a code of excellence? Isn’t the mind of the learner far greater and more valuable? Recognizing the value of a standard begins in the elementary and middle school levels. The attitude about NYS Common Core Standards, communicated by the teachers and administration at Christian Central Academy, is critical to the positive learning environment fostered here.

The NYS Common Core Standards are, in fact, very good. At Christian Central Academy, teachers embrace the standards and use them for the purpose for which they were established: to benefit the student and the teacher.

The Common Core State Standards are not only a guard rail to keep the progression of classroom learning on grade level track, but the standards are also the key ingredients for keeping each lesson effective and relevant.

Christian Central Academy uses the positive learning force that the standards generate to motivate each educator, build the curriculum, and equip every student.