• FALL / WINTER 2023

    Lorrin Anderson, editor November 2023
    Abounding in Hope

    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” Romans 15:13 ESV

  • FALL / WINTER 2018-19

    Denise Jentz, editor January 2019
    “Transitional ≠ Stationary”

    “So, I encourage each one of us to unite around the vision of building on God’s foundations at CCA even as we plunge into new territory seeking to follow Him and to equip the children He has placed under our collective charge for the all-too-few years we have with them prior to launch.”

  • FALL/WINTER 2016-2017

    Denise Jentz, editor March 2017
    “The beginning of STEM/STEAM/STREAMM at CCA”

    The new buzz words across the nation in education today are STEM, STEAM, and STREAMM. They are acronyms for science, technology, research, education, art, and mathematics. Preparing our students for a growing market of stream-related careers for the future is a high priority for us at CCA. Dr. Stuart Chen, Academic Dean, heads up our STEM/STEAM/STREAM program.


    Denise Jentz, editor July 2016
    "Fusing Truth with Technology"

    In 1450, Johannes Guttenberg, with the world’s first moveable type, launched the world’s first information revolution. Interestingly, the Bible was his first printed book. Soon thereafter, an obscure monk, Martin Luther, employing the new technology, disseminated numerous tracts. Among them were his famous 95 theses, nailed to the Wittenberg Cathedral doors, which challenged a corrupt church…

  • WINTER 2015

    Denise Jentz, editor February 2016

    My previous article, “The Right Stuff,” stressed why character development is so critical in the education process and our lives in general. This article will address specifically how CCA implements character development rooted in scripture, specifically Romans 5:3-4. This scripture also serves as our school motto, “Perseverance, Character, Hope,” displayed on our school seal…

  • SUMMER 2015

    Denise Jentz, editor August 2015

    Thad Gaebelein, the new Head of School for Christian Central Academy, officially began his tenure on July 1. He has “hit the ground running” organizing many strategy and planning meetings and undertaking several new initiatives. He and his wife Elektra will live next door to Christian Central Academy. Mr. Eric Alcott, President, Board of Directors stated, “We are thrilled that Mr. Gaebelein is off to a great start. His strong sense of direction and leadership skills are already pointing the school in the right direction in a most positive manner. I encourage all friends of Christian Central Academy to continue praying for him and the school as we move through this period of transition.”…

  • SPRING 2015

    Toni Lenuzza, editor May 2015

    In the midst of uncertain and changing times, what a comfort it is for the follower of Christ to now that God never changes! God always has a plan. He is never caught by surprise. As we align our ill with God’s will, we have no need to fear tomorrow. That said, I read somewhere recently that the only person who truly welcomes change is a baby in a wet diaper. With change comes a myriad of varying emotions. Leaving home is not always easy. CCA has been my home for the last 17 years. While I am excited about my own future, I am even more joyful and secure in the knowledge that God always has someone to carry on His work. God has cleared the path for a new season of life at CCA!!! I look back with thanksgiving…

  • FALL 2014/WINTER 2015

    Toni Lenuzza, editor January 2015

    Dr. Deone Drake opened the Dedication Service on September 2 with his personal reflection of God’s faithfulness in his life. He recounted the awesome responsibility he felt when his son, Jonathan (CCA grad of 2006), was born over 25 years ago. He envisioned what he needed to do to shape a man who would walk with God and follow Him with his whole heart. At that time he wasn’t exactly sure what that would entail—and, if he was even up to the task!…

  • SUMMER 2014

    Toni Lenuzza, editor August 2014

    Mrs. Nurline Lawrence has informed the board of her intention to retire her position as Head of School after a 16-year tenure. A meeting was held at CCA by Mr. Eric Alcott and the Board of Directors on Tuesday, June 24 regarding plans for this leadership change. Mr. Alcott began by praising the outstanding work that Mrs. Lawrence has done in improving the overall stature of Christian Central Academy. He stressed the importance of a seamless transition; therefore, the Board of Directors has decided to engage a reputable national agency to help find a qualified replacement…

  • SPRING 2014

    Toni Lenuzza, newsletter editor May 2014

    Christian Central Academy was one of 122 schools which submitted names of their smartest and most accomplished academics to be chosen and honored by the Business First publication. An eight-member committee picked the top 100 students out of 419 nominees from eight WNY counties. Senior Kaleb Colosimo was chosen as one of the honorees representing CCA. “This is a highly competitive award,” said Mr. Jack Connors, president and publisher of Business First publication. “Think of it this way: We have about 20,000 high school seniors in Western New York this year, and we’ve picked only 100 for the Academic Team. That puts them…