Day 1 – LaBalsa

Thursday morning, we woke to a wonderful breakfast – omelets, pancakes, fresh fruit, and about 75 degrees. At 8:00 we loaded the bus and went to the Score Complex where we packed 70 bags of food for distribution at our first village, Olivaris. As our pictures will show we had a lot of fun playing with the kids – jump rope, balloons, playground balls, and kick ball. On a more serious note, we were able to share our songs, skit, and Josh Tyson and Hanson Wang gave their testimonies. Mr. Wade shared a salvation message. Our students were sad to leave their new friends but our first morning was wonderful

“I loved how we went to serve the villagers, and in return they were serving us. I asked a little girl if she wanted me to paint her nails but she wanted to paint my nails instead. I gave her a paper fan, yet she fanned me.” –Carolyn Wanamaker (p.s. I miss you, Ashley)

We then went back to the Score complex for lunch and moved our things from the hotel.

Then off to another village, LaBalsa. Here we repeated the morning activities and Anna Parlato and Spencer Kiesling gave their testimonies. I am so proud of the students for their love for the Dominican children in just one day.

We had a wonderful dinner, time in the pool, and some of us walked to the beach. We are all meeting for devotions at 9:00 and then going to sleep.
-Mrs. Wade