Category: Senior Mission

Day 6 – Fun in the Sun

This morning we had another beautiful sunrise and another chance to share devotions on the beach. God is an amazing artist. We were challenged by Mr. Wade to make sure your faith is not a feeling. Feelings change but faith stands strong no matter what is around us. He also told us that we had… Read more »

Day 5 – Santo Domingo

Our day started with morning devotions on the beach. About half of the class wanted to watch the sunrise. What a beautiful way to start our day. This morning we went to the capitol, Santo Domingo. While on our way we passed by where Columbus landed back in 1492 when he discovered the Americas. There… Read more »

Day 4 – Horse Back Riding

Today I woke up the earliest I have yet this week: 6:30. To some that might seem like nothing, but when you are spending every second of every day working and ministering it is emotionally and physically draining. I woke up content with the day and night I had prior and excited for the day… Read more »

Day 3 – Painting

Today we woke up, ate breakfast, and prepared to visit a village. While we there we painted the church. Pastor Francis told us instructions on what needed to be done. Some of us helped paint the church, while others played with the children. Those who played with the children did face painting, got their hair… Read more »

Day 2 – Emmanuel School

Today, our group met up in the morning for breakfast and got onto the bus to drive to the Nursing Home at Monti Cristi. While there, we were able to put lotion on the hands and feet of the elderly. It was a humbling experience for those who participated, and hearing the stories from the… Read more »

Day 1 – LaBalsa

Thursday morning, we woke to a wonderful breakfast – omelets, pancakes, fresh fruit, and about 75 degrees. At 8:00 we loaded the bus and went to the Score Complex where we packed 70 bags of food for distribution at our first village, Olivaris. As our pictures will show we had a lot of fun playing… Read more »

Travel Day

Finally, after all fundraisers and planning meetings we have arrived. Praise the Lord! Our flights were on time and even though there was a Nor’easter going up the coast, God provided safe traveling mercies, We checked in at the Score Complex and had orientation with one of the Score interns. As planned we headed to… Read more »