CCA offers a great variety of High School electives.
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10 or more Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors each year. AP courses are taught at a college freshman level with an accelerated pace and more in-depth material. Students may not enroll in AP courses solely for the experience; the purpose of the class is for accelerated students to desire to take the AP course for college credit.


The CCA Individual Learning Program (ILP) enables seniors and qualified underclassmen the opportunity to study on an individual basis both traditional and nontraditional subjects not available in the regular curriculum. The student is responsible to present an ILP proposal to the ILP Project Advisor which details the full extent of the topic the students wish to study and how he or she will present the material. All students participating in any ILP at CCA will be required to present their completed project/findings of the field of study, etc. on a scheduled presentation day.


This course is intended for high school students interested in pursuing teaching careers. Each Teacher Aide (TA) will be assigned to work with a teacher and corresponding classroom. Each TA Assignment will vary in responsibilities depending on the classroom placement. Students may request to work with a specific teacher and/or grade level. The supervising teacher is responsible for setting up the expectations for each TA.