The Bible Department at Christian Central Academy instructs students in the Christian faith and Bible. Students are equipped to not only understand the Bible academically but to apply the Bible personally in their lives.

Starting in 7th grade and continuing through 12th grade, students:

  • Study the Bible from Genesis through Revelation
  • Learn inductive Bible study methods
  • Understand main theological perspectives of the faith
  • Engage in active role plays of how to talk about their faith with others

    7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
    Survey OT: Pentateuch and history OT: Poetry OT: Prophets NT: Gospels NT: Letters NT: Letters/Last Things
    Inductive Study Genesis & Ruth Psalms Isaiah John Ephesians & Acts James, 1 John & Revelation
    Theology Bible & Man God Jesus & Holy Spirit Salvation The church Return of Christ

    The Bible Department seeks to help students have a deeper understanding of who they are and who God is, and how that understanding shapes and forms their spiritual, personal, relational, and vocational life. Students actively live out their faith by partnering with others in the community and doing Community Service. In the senior year, students go on a Mission Trip to the Domincan Republic, which is a culmination of all they have learned over the course of their studies at Christian Central Academy.