The Bible & Christian Studies Department at Christian Central Academy is dedicated to nurturing students in their Christian faith and equipping them with a deep understanding of the Bible. Our aim is to empower students not just academically but also spiritually, enabling them to apply biblical principles in their personal, relational, and vocational lives.

Introducing the New Christian Studies Curriculum with Summit Ministries:

This academic year, Christian Central Academy proudly partners with Summit Ministries to deliver a comprehensive, Christ-centered curriculum for all K-12 grades.

  • Elementary Grades (K-5): Introduction to 20 foundational truths of Christianity, setting a solid spiritual foundation.
  • Middle School: A deeper exploration of the 20 truths, preparing students for advanced theological studies in high school.
  • 9th & 10th Grade: Foundational theology courses emphasizing practical application in daily life.
  • 11th Grade: Comparative study of Christianity with other worldviews, equipping students to defend their faith.
  • 12th Grade: Christian Ethics course addressing contemporary cultural issues with humility, truth, and love.

Senior Missions Trip:

As a culmination of their spiritual journey at Christian Central Academy, seniors embark on a transformative mission trip to Costa Rica. This experience allows students to apply their biblical knowledge in real-world contexts, fostering a deeper understanding of global Christian ministry.


At Christian Central Academy, we are committed to shaping the next generation of Christian leaders, empowering them to live out their faith boldly and compassionately in a world that needs hope and love.