The CCA Science Department strives to cultivate the student’s wonder about God’s “big book of revelation,” His creation, in its biological, chemical, and physical aspects and then to build on this understanding along with their other core subjects and computational sciences to do the following:

• Define and solve problems
• Think both creatively and critically
• Collaborate on interdisciplinary and multicultural teams
• Generate solutions to design and construction projects
• Communicate effectively both in writing and orally about their design and construction projects.

Students emerge from the CCA Science Department with backgrounds suitable for college-level study in the Natural and Computational/Informational Sciences, Health-Related Professions, Engineering and Technology, and related fields.

Natural Sciences Taught:
Earth Science (Regents)
Biology (Regents and AP)
Chemistry (Regents)
Physics (Regents and AP)

Other Science Classes Taught:
AP Computer Science A
Intro to Python Coding
Unity Game Development
Medical Terminology
Medical Internship

Perspectives on Science can be Worship

• Scientific study is based on the belief that the universe is orderly, predictable, measureable and knowable.
• Learning about God’s laws of nature reveals His character of consistency, sustainability, and providential order.
• All Truth is God’s Truth.
• Recognizing God as the source of all knowledge and truth gives one a higher purpose to study Science and gain insight into the very Nature of God.
• The latest truth in Science is not the final truth.
• Science is self-correcting. Hypotheses are presented, debated, tested and elevated to theories or discarded as untenable.
• To be a good scientist, one must always be ready to humbly evaluate new information that either supports or disproves one’s current line of thinking.
• Follow the evidence wherever it leads you.
• If one seeks truth, one will find God!