The English department at Christian Central Academy strategically scaffolds student learning from middle school through high school. At each grade level, our ELA curriculum consists of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, literature, critical thinking, and writing instruction. Students are exposed to various genres of classic and modern literature for the purpose of practicing informed and relevant literary analysis. Reading assignments, research projects, writing topics, and class discussions are centered on cross-curricular connections that include social studies, science, technology, engineering, and math. Our goal is to empower well-read thought leaders, who are effective writers and influential speakers motivated by a biblical worldview.

Additional program enrichments include:

  • The Nurline Lawrence Declamation Competition
  • Annual Spring Essay Contest
  • Ad Lucem: Online Blog of Student and Faculty Writing
  • Middle School Words of Art Writing Club
  • High School Creative Writing Club
  • High School TED Talk Club
  • The Writing Center